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Overtone TTO & Permanent Line Launch

7 April 2022 18:00 add to Calendar → 7 April 2022 18:00 8 April 2022 00:00 Europe/London Overtone TTO & Permanent Line Launch CASC Bar CASC hello@cascnation.com


For the last several years we’ve watched the rise of Scotland’s new darlings of brewing: Overtone, with a growing adoration as we know many of you have been too, and we felt it was long overdue that we put together a big ol’ tap takeover to showcase some of the sheer variety of styles the Yoker-based outfit tackle and excel at!

Not only that, but we felt it behoved us to carve out a spot on our taps for a rotating permanent line, so you’ll always know where to find a taste of some of the most excellently executed brews coming out of Scotland in the modern era!

Join us on Thursday April 7th, where we’ll be hooking up ten phenomenal Overtone beers for your drinking pleasure!

“But what delights do you have in store for us?” we hear you, hypothetical person, ask. Well, feast your eyes on this hellacious rogues gallery:

  • Apri-pop - Fruited Sour, 7.0%ABV

  • Blueberry Breakfast - Fruited Imperial Sour, 8.0%ABV

  • Maple Nutter - Imperial Oatmeal Pastry Stout, 12%ABV

  • Praline - Sweet Stout, 6.5%ABV

  • Yaldi - Sabro Oat Cream NEIPA, 6.6%ABV

  • Ruby Jewel - Fruited Berliner Weisse, 7.0%ABV

  • Sabrooft - DDH Double NEIPA, 8.0%ABV

  • It's All El Dorado - Single Hop TDH DIPA, 8.0%ABV

  • Night At The Disco - TIPA, 10.0%ABV

  • Swally - American Pale Ale, 5.0%ABV

Hot damn, that’s a hell of a lineup if we do say so ourselves!