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The hub of all things C.A.S.C. Join the CASC Nation to experience more; more choice, more flavours and more importantly - more options for pairing those flavours! We'll compound your senses and we'll do it right!

Pairing cigars with beer, scotch and a good cup of joe is something my old man and I have been doing since way before CASC opened it’s doors in 2013. We knew people were drinking whisky and good beer but rarely together and certainly not with a good stogie in their chops. This is something we’ve been doing for years and it seemed we were pretty much the only two who truly mixed things up. Bars around the country tend to focus on one or the other but with that extra kicker - a lack of cigars or a decent brew. We needed change and we needed it, pronto.

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Looking for a fine stogie to savour or a light, quick smoke to accompany your swift half? We've got one to match your every whim. From the very best in classic Cuban cigars to some down right impressive stogies hailing from the tobacco fields of countries like Nicaragua, Honduras or Peru, you will find an impressive selection that will have your humidor busting at the hinges.

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This isn't your average ale house....this is CASC nation. You won't find no mass produced imposters passing themselves off as beer here. If you need to sink a cold one you can choose from an impressive, rotating taplist. From lager to lambic and saison to stout, there's a craft brew to tantalise the tongue. So come on in and join us on our ever-evolving ale adventure.

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We pride ourselves on a knock-out range of whiskies from all over the world, but take a particular specialty on single malt and small independent bottlers. With over 500 bottles on our shelves, we know a thing or two about the trusty amber nectar and can find one that excites everyone - even those that think they've seen it all before.

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There's nothing better than a good cup of joe...provided it's not freeze dried and straight out the jar. We believe in getting the best from the responsibly sourced bean, freshly brewing in-house using the syphon and espresso methods to satisfy even the highest grade coffee geek. Forget paper-cupped coffee on the go, it's time to savour the flavour and take a moment to sit back and enjoy a good brew again.

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