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Launching Our First Cocktail Menu

CASC Cocktails (CASCtails)

After years of intently discussing amongst ourselves, we’ve finally decided it was high time to launch our very own CASC Cocktail Menu, a CASCtail menu if you will. As great fans of exploring and combining flavours, it makes perfect sense to us to utilise the vast array of spirits we’ve surrounded ourselves with over the past ten years (yes, ten. Incredible, huh?) and let them shine in a whole new fun way for us!

With the assistance of the renowned Adrian Gomes of 10 Dollar Shake, Tippling House, etc., we've curated a small but mighty menu of classic cocktails and variations that showcase the myriad of spirits we love drinking, talking about, and selling in a way that we felt was decidedly 'CASC'.

So, whenever you’re visiting us and fancy sipping back on an Old Fashioned, an Espresso Martini or a White Russian, to name but a few of the tasty offerings ready and waiting for you, we have the goods and are more than happy to provide!

Check out all of our bar menus, our daily tap list, and bar info here - Aberdeen Bar

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