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Exhibitor Spotlight: Goldfinch Whisky Merchants

Goldfinch Whisky

Exhibitor Spotlight: Goldfinch Whisky Merchants

Named for the European Goldfinch which makes its Summer home here in Scotland before migrating for warmer climes in Spain, curiously enough settling by the Sherry bodegas of Spain, which the Scotch Whisky industry relies upon for its supply of richly seasoned Sherry casks which we use to mature our spirit in.

While the migratory pattern of the Goldfinch points to the symbolic connection created between Whisky and Sherry, the Goldfinch itself has also classically been considered a symbol of prosperity, optimism and variety; values which Goldfinch Whisky hold strongly and which are well represented in their numerous product ranges, from the thoroughly sherried expressions seen in their Bodega Series to the bombastically peated beasts represented in their The Kilnsman’s Dram offerings, to name but two of many.

Goldfinch Whisky are a versatile and highly skilled outfit which draws from cumulative decades of experience in the drinks industry. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed the releases we’ve been lucky enough to try so far from them and we hope you’ll enjoy sampling their delectable drams at this year’s Whisky Mash!

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