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7 Stirling St, Aberdeen AB11 6ND

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Opening Hours Sunday: 11am - 1am
Monday: 11am - 1am
Tuesday: 11am - 1am
Wednesday: 11am - 1am
Thursday: 11am - 1am
Friday: 11am - 1am
Saturday: 11am - 1am


This is ground zero, the epicentre and beginning of the CASC nation and the dawn of the bar evolution. Focusing on premium cigars, craft beer, scotch whisky and artisan coffee, we aim to compound the senses and deliver a truly unique Aberdeen bar experience. We don’t bullshit and never compromise, period!

Our offerings:

  • Cigars - A huge variety of Cuban and New World Cigars. We are a Gold Standard Havana Cigar Specialist; a status granted to us by Hunters & Frankau, the UK's sole importer of Havana cigars.
  • Beer - We have 28 draught beer lines, half of which are for guest breweries. This means that once a keg is finished the next beer that goes on is different. This ensures an ever changing beer tap list and support for 1000s of breweries both locally and worldwide.
  • Whisky - Stocking over 500 Scotch and world whiskies. Although we stock most official distillery expressions, we prefer to focus and support independent bottlers specialising in single cask and limited edition releases. We hold a monthly whisky club held on the first Monday of the month (buy Whisky Club Ticket) and we can also host private whisky tastings which you can book by emailing - aberdeenbar@cascnation.com
  • Coffee - Espresso is the most popular style of coffee in the world which we excel at, but we also offer more specialist alternatives. Using coffee syphons and the v60 pour over methods, we can offer a fresh take on coffee; both alternatives offering a lighter, more fragrant coffee. Our single origin beans change weekly to offer you the widest selection of coffee we can.
  • Cocktails - Our modest but finely curated list of cocktails will suit all palates. We worked with Adrian Gomes of the incredible 10 Dollar Shake to create a list of old favourites done right. Each cocktail can be ordered in its original format, or you can choose to have it with a unique CASC twist. Check out our cocktail menu here - Cocktail Menu
  • Wines & Spirits - It wouldn't be fair to class us only as a beer or whisky bar since we stock such a wide variety of other spirits. You could also class us as a gin bar, a rum bar, a tequila bar, or a vodka bar since we stock a huge variety of them all. With dozens of each you'll truly be spoilt for choice. Although not our specialty, we stock a good selection of the most popular wine styles. Please ask at the bar for our current wine selections.

Contact the bar:

email: aberdeenbar@cascnation.com

tel: 01224 212373

Today's Taplist

Our beers are colour coded by style

  • Lager, Blonde, Keller, Pilsner, Golden Ale
  • Amber, Brown, Stout, Porter, Scotch Ale
  • IPA, Pale Ale, Black IPA
  • Hefeweizen, Witbier, Gose, Bock
  • Fruit, Lambic, Geueze, Sour
  • Saison, Limited Edition, Cider, Barley Wine, Other
  1. Holy Goat
    Black Kite
    6.0% 1/3 £5.45
  2. Otherworld
    4.1% 2/3 £4.80
  3. Schöfferhofer
    Prickly Pear
    2.5% 1PT £5.80
  4. Otherworld
    5.5% 2/3 £5.80
  5. Yonder Brewing
    Bubblegum Unicorn Rainbow Sprinkles
    8.4% 1/3 £5.40
  6. Brewtoon
    Shark Bait
    4.0% 2/3 £5.40
  7. Arbor
    Dream On
    4.8% 1/2 £4.95
  8. Buxton
    6.3% 1/2 £4.95
  9. Otherworld
    The Shallows
    4.7% 2/3 £5.60
  10. Lost Cause
    Stone Cold
    5.0% 1/2 £5.85
  11. Brewtoon
    Lemon Dreamola Foam
    5.0% 1/2 £4.65
  12. Pilot
    Lager Tops
    3.4% 2/3 £5.80
  13. Burning Sky
    4.4% 2/3 £5.60
  14. Konig Ludwig
    5.5% 2/3 £5.40
  15. Thornbridge
    4.2% 1PT £4.80
  16. Hofbrau
    3.3% 1PT £4.80
  17. Arbor
    Can of worms (gf)
    4.7% 2/3 £5.80
  18. 6 Degrees North
    Peloton Pilsner
    4.1% 1PT £4.80
  19. Weihenstephan
    5.4% 1PT £4.80
  20. Hogan's
    4.5% 1PT £4.80
    LAGER (GF)
    4.0% 1PT £3.90
  22. Black Isle
    4.5% 1PT £4.80
  23. Cromarty
    Happy Chappy
    4.1% 1pt £4.80
  24. Timmermans
    Strawberry and Thyme
    4.0% 1/2 £3.90
  25. BrewToon
    Breakfast Juice
    6.0% 1/2 £4.50
  26. Pilot
    Peach Melba Sour
    4.3% 2/3 £4.40
  27. Vault City
    Lemon, Grapefruit, Pineapple Radler
    3.4% 2/3 £4.80
  28. Black Isle
    4.6% 1PT £4.80

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