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Why we rebranded CASC

For the past 18 months we’ve been working hard on changing things up and evolving our business, resulting in a fairly huge rebrand and refurb which went live on our birthday - December 19th. Here's why we rebranded CASC.

Rebrand to expand!

When we opened in 2013 we didn’t really have a brand as such, we just flung open our doors with the idea that the products we sell should be the focus, not the colour of the walls or the sign above the door, but over the years however, CASC has grown, evolved and become far more than just a pub; the name is known throughout the UK and beyond. As a business we have always focused entirely on the products we sell; as you can see by our social media, no posts about whats in the news, no posts about visiting dogs, no politics, no posts about anything other than what we do. So in order to grow, evolve and ultimately, expand, we felt we really needed an official ‘brand’ to showcase the business and it’s attitude better. It had to be relevant and an extension of who we are - hedonists. We like to smoke cigars, we like to drink, we like to eat, all usually done in conjunction with the other and in large quantities. We’re straight talking, we like what we like and we don’t compromise on quality. All of this had to be presented in a style and manner far more comfortable to us.

Why we rebranded CASC logo

The need for a new logo.

Our new logo is structured around our new mascot, hed. It is an extension of us, our attitude and everything CASC stands for, essentially the soul of CASC, which, is why we call it hed. In case it hasn’t clicked yet, hed is short for hedonism, the most appropriate and suited name possible.

Website geekery!

We also needed a new website that brought all of our previous sites under one roof, one which was entirely customisable and open. We thought for ages as to what the web address should be and figured we'd think about what CASC represents. Our opinion that cigars, ale, scotch and coffee should be enjoyed by anyone and everyone needed to be incorporated somehow and just watching our customers in CASC proved our theory that no matter your class, gender, wallet size, dress style or political persuasion; everyone can enjoy what we do; we are a nation of like-minded folk and thus CASC nation was born. We worked with the incredibly talented individuals from Hampton Associates and Wired Studio to create a site which, is quite frankly, fucking awesome! It looks amazing and more importantly is very user friendly. Let's just say we're insanely happy with it.

Our online future.

Going forward (from an online standpoint), all blogs and social media will be manned by hed and CASC’s motley crew of hedonists; everything you already love about CASC will be revved up and multiplied and we'll be sharing as much news, blogs, reviews and events as possible to keep you all updated about whats going down in the CASC Nation!