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Wander(Lust) For Life!

7 Stirling Street,
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29 January 2022 18:00 add to Calendar → 29 January 2022 18:00 30 January 2022 00:00 Europe/London Wander(Lust) For Life! Wander(Lust) For Life! Six Degrees North Brewery Tap Takeover & Permenant Line Launch CASC Bar CASC hello@cascnation.com

CASC Six Degree North Tap Takeover

6DN TTO & Permanent Line Launch: WANDER(LUST) FOR LIFE!

It’s a team-up for the ages, CASCers! Six°North and CASC together at last. We’ve long enjoyed the versatility of our Laurencekirk brethren and in these trying times looking out for thy neighbour is always the right thing to do. So, with that said, and with a desire to do what we can to help support our local compatriots across the North East even further in 2022, we’re launching a brand new Six°North permanent line in the bar, and to make a right ol’ knees-up of it, we figured it only made sense to put together a tasty Tap Takeover to seal the deal and celebrate the occasion in style!

Join us on Saturday 29th of January where we’ll be launching our new Wanderlust line, and backing it up with the following bangers!

Secret of the Unicorn - New England IPA, 4.7%ABV

Framboise - Raspberry Beer, 4.6%ABV

Madison - West Coast IPA, 7.3%ABV

Slipstream - Sour IPA, 5.5%ABV

Hop Classic - Belgian IPA, 6.6%ABV

Arenberg - Sabro TIPA, 10.5%ABV

Gran Fondo - Foraged Saison, 7%ABV

Hop Harvest - Vienna Lager, 5.1%ABV