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Exhibitor Spotlight: Woodrow's of Edinburgh

Woodrows of Edinburgh

Exhibitor Spotlight: Woodrow’s of Edinburgh

A strong new player in the realm of independent bottling, Woodrow’s of Edinburgh came screeching into prominence in 2022 with a stunning opening barrage of masterfully matured delights, including one of the biggest fan favourite drams at last year’s Whisky Mash!

In the year hence they’ve continued to ride a wave of excellence disseminating fresh batches of delectable drammage every quarter in 2023 so far from their fully Bonded warehouse in Leith, Edinburgh.

Starting out as a cask trader, Woodrow’s pour through numerous casks on a regular basis, however some of these casks are discovered to be too good to pass on and are held to eventually be released as one of Woodrow’s’ “Warehouse Reserve” bottlings, always bottled at Cask Strength, non-chill filtered and with their natural colour, the holy trifecta of excellence for discerning whisky fans.

It’s an absolute pleasure to have Woodrow’s of Edinburgh join us at Whisky Mash again this year, and we can’t wait to see what tremendous expressions they’ll be bringing in tow with them!

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