Hed age gate

Hed needs to check your ID.

Are you old enough to drink and smoke in your country?

Sorry! If you're not old enough to drink or smoke in your country, Hed can't let you in. Come back when you're a little older.

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The word whisky comes from the Gaelic for 'uisge-beatha', which translates as 'water of life' and we couldn't agree with this sentiment more; after all, what is life without a good whisky? From peaty drams to smooth malts, there's individual character within each whisky that's aged and ready for tasting.

At CASC we know there is a whisky for everyone, whether you're into rich and fruity notes, floral or honey, or maybe a hint of burnt caramel, we can match a scotch to your individual preferences; there really is nothing quite like a good dram.

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