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A cracking first quarter of 2018

Cohiba Talismán Edición Limitada 2017

WOW! They have been the most popular and fastest selling cigar we have ever stocked. Every single box from the initial allocation sold out before we even received them and demand remains insanely high; we receive emails daily from hungry customers looking to pick up more boxes, but, again, it looks like we’re not going to meet demand. Boxes are always due to arrive at any moment so keep a keen eye on our social media (Facebook, Twitter) and our website.

And just in case you were wondering, yes, they are totally awesome. I’ve had the pleasure of smoking a few now and they really do live up to the hype. Cohiba and Habanos S.A. really have hit it out of the park with this Edición Limitada; whether you like em’ young and punchy or rested and aged, you’re gonna absolutely love the Cohiba Talismán.

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Cohiba Talisman

H. Upmann Robusto Añejados

The H. Upmann Robusto is the latest addition to the Añejados (meaning aged) range. This series was introduced by Habanos S.A. in 2015 and joins the Montecristo Churchill, Romeo y Julieta Piramide, Partagas Corona Gorda and Hoyo de Monterrey Hermoso No. 4. The Robusto size is a brand new vitola to the H. Upmann range.

I’m not going to lie, I’m not a huge fan of the aged Habano, I prefer my cigars fairly young and punchy (plenty of oil please) but I must say I’m seriously impressed with the whole Añejados range and in paticular, this latest stick. Plenty of flavour for an old cigar; vanilla, sweet crema and hay bales all very subtle and makes for a great smoke early in the day or with a creamy latte.

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H  Upmann Robusto Añejados

Romeo y Julieta Wide Churchill Gran Reserva Cosecha 2009

Talk about beautiful! From the moment you see these babies you’re left with a smile on your face. Everything about these scream prestige and quality, they taste and smell awesome.

Romeo y Julieta are known for their great quality to price point ratio; they never break the bank but always deliver on flavour. The Romeo y Julieta Wide Churchill Gran Reserva Cosecha 2009 takes the already sublime Wide Churchill and revs everything up to unimaginable levels. The packaging, the aromas, the flavours and even the bands are steps above the standard Wide Churchill. They’ve already been aged for a minimum of 5 years so either lay them down or get smoking em’ now!

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Romeo Y Julieta Wide Churchill Gran Reserva Cosecha 2009

It’s been a mad busy start to the year and there is no sign of slowing down. We have a number of events coming up which you can check out here, and we will be launching our new food menu very soon.