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Exhibitor Spotlight: Finn Thomson Whisky

Finn Thomson Whisky 2

Exhibitor Spotlight: Finn Thomson Whisky

It is a great joy to have Finn Thomson Whisky join us at this year’s Whisky Mash, a multi-generational talent who has entered the Whisky Industry with the cumulative knowledge and passion of a dynasty of the whisky world with roots in the industry stretching all the way back to the 1700’s and the days of illicit distilling.

The 9th generation entrepreneur; now steward to the family business which previously owned the long sadly closed Grandtully Distillery and the legendary Golden Beneagles blend; now finds himself the curator of the family’s vast array of casks, and has set about nurturing and bottling them into the damn fine collection of whiskies available to purchase today from any of their three main product ranges:

  • The Core Collection: Reasonably aged single cask offerings with a meticulous focus on striking a fine balance between maintaining the character of the distillery’s spirit against cask influence.
  • The Rare Collection: Exceptional single malts from some of Scotland’s finest and most beloved distilleries, aged for a minimum of 30 years.
  • The Crown Collection: The oldest and most treasured single malts to be found in the Thomson family’s expansive collection of casks, from some of the most highly sought after distilleries.

It’s going to be tremendously exciting to see what wondrous wares Finn Thomson Whisky will be bringing to Mash this year and to get to try them with you all!

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