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Exhibitor Spotlight: Little Brown Dog

Little Brown Dog 2

Exhibitor Spotlight: Little Brown Dog

We’re delighted to be welcoming an exciting new independent bottler and distiller from the North East to the party at this year’s Whisky Mash: Little Brown Dog!

Named for the sadly passed furry friend of company founder, Andrew, Little Brown Dog have been staking their claim in Scotland’s exciting drinks industry in sensational style. Producing a wide variety of spirits on their farm-based site, Little Brown Dog are a company driven by passion for excellence.

As a multifaceted operation, Little Brown Dog distill their Aberdeenshire Foraged Gin in a facility constructed almost entirely from reclaimed and recycled materials, also growing and foraging as much of the ingredients for the gin as possible, geotagging the locations of the foraged components along the way to add a layer of provenance almost unheard of amongst other producers.

Alongside this, Little Brown Dog mature a handsome selection of delectable single cask offerings on-site under the Little Brown Dog moniker, including whiskies from some of Scotland’s newest hot property distilleries, and bottle them only when they feel they’ve achieved the absolute zenith of balance between spirit character and wood influence!

We’re very excited to have these local luminaries join us at Whisky Mash 2023, and we’re very much looking forward to all of you intrepid CASCers finding out why!

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