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Mission Control: The Herf Has Landed

Casa Del Hed 1

For quite some time we’ve been looking to introduce more cigar oriented events to what we can offer to our clientele, for years we’ve had our monthly Whisky Club, but now the time is right to introduce a new concept, Casa Del Hed! An excellent opportunity to showcase new releases in the cigar world, or reacquaint people with some of the timeless classics that they may have forgotten about or been overlooking! But not only that, we’re pairing them with some well curated drinks choices that we feel complement the smoking experience, after all, it wouldn’t fit into the CASC ethos of hedonism without a drinks component of some sort!

With the concept of a cigar event laid out, it was then time to think just what we could offer, and how to execute it, it wasn’t before long that the answer was fairly clear and would combine two of the central aspects of what we are all about at CASC: Cigars and Whisky.

We’ve known for a long time that the intended pairing of the deliciously smooth Dalmore Cigar Malt was the mighty Partagas Serie D No. 4, but for the inaugural herf we didn’t just want to be leaving it at that, after all, we are the purveyors of the weird and wonderful! So we set our resident master of mixology, John, to task: take the Dalmore Cigar Malt as a base spirit and run with it, and run with it he most certainly did! Producing a bespoke cocktail based around a quintessential summertime drink, peach iced tea! Utilising the Cigar Malt, a drop of tequila, peach puree, lemon juice and a well-balanced peach iced tea he created on the day, the end result was equal parts sweet, citric sharp and all-round tasty as hell!

Dalmore And Partagas D4 Herf

To our delight, by the day of the herf itself, the event had sold out! We all gathered in our beloved cigarden, armed to the teeth with stogie, cocktail and dram and got down to business! I got the opportunity to flex my whisky knowledge and share some of the finer details of Dalmore as a brand, some details about the Cigar Malt and a little of the history of the iconic Partagas brand and partake in some thoroughly engaging conversations with an excellent cross-section of folks from all walks of life, a common occurrence in the cigarden on any given day, one of the most charming aspects of life in the cigarden!

If the first herf is anything to go by, I have high hopes for future events, and would encourage anyone with an interest in cigars to partake, whether beginner or veteran!

To keep up with news and information about future herfs, make sure and join our Casa Del Hed group on Facebook!

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