Hed age gate

Hed needs to check your ID.

Are you old enough to drink and smoke in your country?

Sorry! If you're not old enough to drink or smoke in your country, Hed can't let you in. Come back when you're a little older.

Join the CASC side!

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Hed is looking for its latest victim to convert to the CASC side.

To start from Wednesday 28th. Mostly evenings and weekends with some day shifts included.

Some of the benefits of working at CASC:

  • An education in Hedonism,
  • Learn key info on cigars, beer, whisky and other premium spirits,
  • Work with a small but awesome team,
  • Serve some of the best customers,
  • Serve some of the weirdest customers (you know who you are),
  • Be a part of a great community.

Email all applications and CVs to hello@cascnation.com

Good luck and welcome to the CASC NATION!