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Taps On, Taps Aff

Permanent Lines

Taps On, Taps Aff!

As said by Greek philosopher Heraclitus, “The only constant in life is change,” and as such, following on from our cellar refit in March we’ve decided to shake up some more things in the bar, namely our long-standing permanent lines! Some old favourites will remain, but we have some fresh and exciting offerings for your drinking pleasure.

What’s new, you ask?

Ayinger - Lager Hell

A classic Helles Lager, very much part of the daily drinking diet of Southern Bavaria, the Ayinger Lager Hell is crisp, smooth, mellow and above all, highly refreshing! A quintessential representation of Bavaria’s famous beer style!

Magic Rock - Fantasma (Gluten Free)

We may very well be one of the only bars in the country that offers a year-round gluten free option, and we pride ourselves on being able to offer all things to all folks, so we’ve selected what we feel to be the best gluten free beer on the market right now to be able to offer that option! Fantasma is fruity, dank and resinous IPA, with plenty of tropical mango and an outrageously clean finish.

Summer Wine - Pacer

The second of our new permanent IPA lines is Pacer, from Yorkshire based Summer Wine Brewery! Whilst it may sit at a modest 4.1% ABV, it’s jam-packed with flavour due to being liberally hopped with the stalwart American hops Chinook and Centennial, giving it loads of citrusy flavour and a well balanced bitterness!

Cross Borders - Wee Braw

Last but certainly not least of our new permanent IPA lines is Wee Braw, a laid-back Session IPA from Midlothian’s own Cross Borders that is so laid back it’s practically horizontal! Dry hopped with one of our favourite hops, Mosaic, Wee Braw is highly aromatic and features massive tropical Mango and Tangerine flavours from the Mosaic!

Siren - Calypso

We’re massive sour beer fans at CASC, so we’ve always envisioned having a permanent sour beer line and the time has finally come to make that vision a reality. But the question remained, what sour beer were we going to enshrine on our taplist permanently? The answer quickly became clear, Siren Craft Brew’s homage to the goddess with the sharp tongue, Calypso! Calypso is a tart, spritzy Dry-Hopped Berliner-Weiss which they switch up the hops from batch to batch, so not only will it be a permanent sour line, it will also taste ever so slightly different from week to week, which is quite fitting with the spirit of switching up our permanent lines!

Black Isle - Porter

And for the final new addition to the taplist, we’ve opted for a new dark beer, the classic Black Isle Porter! Full-bodied, rich and dry due to the masses of dark roasted chocolate malts used in the brewing process, it pours a thoroughly enticing ruby black beer that is velvety smooth and will win you over with it’s tastefully well balanced flavours of vanilla, chocolate and coffee, with just a hint of liquorice!

How exciting!