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The Average Cost Of A H. Upmann Cigar

The Average Cost Of A H. Upmann Cigar

One of the more commonly asked questions we hear asked by newcomers making their first steps in the wide world of cigars relates to their cost. This makes perfect sense as cigar smoking isn’t a particularly cheap hobby, with the bar for entry in the case of some brands being prohibitively expensive, effectively blocking those off for the average wallet, and in a time where more and more people are feeling the squeeze people are often looking to use their resources as effectively as possible.

With H. Upmann being such a tenured brand, they have a fairly extensive back catalogue of sticks which can be daunting to approach for some, so to assist with where best to direct your purchases we’ve broken down a good chunk of the brand’s offerings into small handful of categories and calculated the average price for each so that we can try to help maximise your purchasing power for the cost!


To kick things off, we’ll be beginning with one of the most prolific formats in the wonderful world of cigars, the noble Corona!

Perhaps the most ubiquitous of all parejo (straight sided) vitolas, there’s nary a cigar brand in the world worth its salt that doesn’t produce at least one cracking Corona, in any of its many iterations, and H. Upmann produce some of the very finest in the industry from pocket rocket delights like the succinct but sweet Half Corona all the way up to the lengthy and appropriately named Majestic. In calculating the average for this grouping we’ll be looking at the Half Corona, Coronas J, Coronas Minor, Majestic, Regalias and Coronas Major, which starts low at £15.20 for the Half Corona and tops out at £23.20 for the Coronas Major. This brings us to an average price of £18.32, which sits nicely between the prices of the Majestic at £17.20 and the Coronas Minor/Regalias at £19.20 and £19.60 respectively. Any of these three options make for a sensational smoking experience and are well worth the money!



Even though it only contains three standard production vitolas, H. Upmann’s Magnum range is a tremendous product line with each vitola contained within showcasing a radically different style from each of the others, from the sensationally elegant Coronas Gordas stylings of the of the Magnum 46 to the nigh-on monolithic stature of the Magnum 50 to the chunky modern beast that is the Magnum 54, there’s a vitola that’ll cater to nearly anybody’s tastes in the Magnum range. These vitolas clock in at a notably heftier price bracket than the Coronas we observed above however, with the Magnum 46 kicking off the proceedings at £30.80 and concluding with the Magnum 50 at £39.30. The average of the three Magnum vitolas works out at £34.97, which is remarkably close to the price of the Magnum 54 at £34.80, which we would highly recommend experiencing at least once, as it makes for a tremendously indulgent herf with its whopping 54 ring gauge helping to deliver up to an hour’s worth of thoroughly immersive smoking!

H. Upmann Magnum 54 Cigars


To bring us to the conclusion of our three categories we arrive at H. Upmann’s Connoisseur range, a collection of heavier ring gauge vitolas which magnificently embody the essence of modern cigar stylings. Though the range currently consists of but four vitolas, it stands as quite a prestigious facet of the brand’s offerings, with two of the four vitolas it houses being only available for sale via La Casa Del Habanos outlets or retailers authorised as Habanos Specialists, namely the Connoisseur A and the Connoisseur B. Given that the sticks which make up the Connoisseur range are considered the most premium, it does also mean that they have a premium price tag appended to them, starting at £28 for the sensational Connoisseur No. 1 and topping out at £36.25 for the colossal Connoisseur B. The average price of the four vitolas combined works out at £32.94, which interestingly enough sits just below the prices of the middle two vitolas of the range, the Connoisseur A and Connoisseur No. 2 at £33.60 and £33.90 respectively. Both of these stogies make for an excellent representation of what the Connoisseur range has to offer, with the Connoisseur A bringing slightly more oomph with its marginally larger dimensions, however, the Connoisseur No. 2 is certainly no slouch in its own right, bearing the form of a brand new vitola for the entirety of the Habanos portfolio known in the factories of Cuba as a Bohemios!

H. Upmann Connoisseur No. 2

Ultimately, the world of cigars is a wide and wonderful place, and how you choose to explore and engage with it is entirely up to yourself, but we hope that with some of these recommendations it will help you reap the most enjoyment of it that you can!

As always, thanks for reading!