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Whisky Mash: Abasolo

Exhibitor Spotlight Abasolo

An exciting new development in the world of whiskey, Mexico’s Abasolo Whiskey have taken grain spirits to an exciting new place utilising a 4,000 year old cooking technique which has been passed down through more than 200 generations of Mexican farmers!

Crafted and distilled from 100% Mexican Cacahuazintle corn, an ancient ancestral varietal of Maize featuring much larger, bulkier kernels than most breeds of corn, which has seen it used in a multitude of traditional Mexican dishes, and now for the first time as the primary ingredient in a whiskey!

An especially particular breed of plant, the Cacahuazintle corn only grows at more than 7,000 feet above sea level and is found exclusively in elevated valleys throughout the States of Mexico, Tlaxcala and Puebla, and through the utilisation of Nixtamalization, a 4,000 year old cooking technique never before used in whiskey production, helps develop and enhance the deepest notes of this incredibly unique grain.

We’re delighted to have Abasolo join us at this year’s Whisky Mash, so we all can experience this truly unique, innovative whiskey and enjoy the culmination of thousands of years of tradition expressed in a new form!

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