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Whisky Mash: Auchentoshan

Whisky Mash: Auchentoshan

From the banks of the river Clyde comes one of Scotland’s most unique whiskies, the ever-impressive Auchentoshan! Laying claim to being the only distillery in the country which insists on triple distilling every single drop of liquid they produce, creating the strongest New Make distillate in Scotland at a whopping 81%ABV. This third full distillation ensures all the impurities in the liquid are extracted, with the resultant New Make bearing strong notes of fruit and citrus!

Along with their herculean efforts in the distillation process, Auchentoshan spend a great deal of time and resources ensuring that they select only the very finest ex-Bourbon, Sherry and Wine casks to mature their mighty spirit in, creating an array of sumptuously rich and delectable drams from their core range all the way to their special edition releases and distillery exclusives!

We’re delighted to have them join us this year at Whisky Mash so that they can demonstrate the sheer excellence that can be achieved when you Distil Different!

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