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Whisky Mash: Balcones Distillery

Exhibitor Spotlight Balcones

From humble beginnings in an old welding shop located under a bridge in 2008, and a dream driven by passion and sheer force of will; Waco, Texas’ Balcones Distillery have grown into a leviathan of the American Whiskey world over the last 14 years. With a strong focus on selecting the richest and finest quality ingredients available, spanning all the way from blue corn grown in New Mexico to the first ever barley grown and malted in Texas, Balcones have amassed a catalogue of incredibly diverse spirits that speaks to the philosophy behind the distillery: that each of their spirits should be immediately recognisable and delectable.

With each of their distillers having a long history with brewing, Balcones understand the huge difference tinkering with the fermentation process can make, and as such have specifically developed tailored and refined fermentations for each of their recipes in order to coax the esters created in the process into developing the fruitiest and aromatic characters possible for the final spirit base!

Taking such a meticulous approach to every aspect of the process from grain to bottle is a core element of what makes Balcones such an excellent and unique operation, and we’re delighted to have them pouring at Whisky Mash so that all of you discerning CASCers can experience this Texan sensation for yourselves!

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