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Whisky Mash: Benromach

Whisky Mash Spotlight - Benromach

Founded in the late 19th century, with production commencing in 1900, Forres’ magnificent Benromach Distillery has been a Speyside stalwart for over 100 years. Though passing through several sets of owners and seeing some periods of closure, Benromach’s course has been steered by the deft hand of powerhouse independent bottler Gordon & MacPhail for well over two decades at this point, with their new owners deciding that the distillery should make an older style of Speyside malt; one with a little touch of smoke permeating the whisky, medium in body and with lashings of fruity character, which has seen Benromach’s modern offerings grow a well-earned adoring fan base.

Employing a thoroughly wide and varied array of casks, Benromach has now appeared in a heavily peated expression, as an organic release, an expression distilled using 100% Golden Promise barley, and in a succession of finishes in fortified and wine casks, making them one of the more diverse and experimental distilleries in their neck of the woods, and showing no sign of slowing down any time soon!

As long-time fans of Benromach ourselves, it’s a joy to have them sharing their smoky delights with us at Whisky Mash!

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