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Whisky Mash: Brave New Spirits/Whiskies Of Voodoo

Whisky Mash: Brave New Spirits/Whiskies Of Voodoo

A tremendously exciting new player in the world of independent bottling, Glasgow’s innovative Brave New Spirits have stormed onto the scene with a fresh new take on our nation’s finest beverage!

With a passionate team devoted to creating the most exquisite products possible, a refreshing new take on branding, and most importantly a stupendous series of product ranges stuffed to the gunnels with immense whiskies, Brave New Spirits have something excellent to offer at every level of interest in the world of whisky; whether it be beautiful blends created for their Party Department, a scintillating single cask bottling from their Guerrilla Casks range or a cataclysmicly curious concoction from their Whiskies Of Voodoo selection; you can be assured that you’ll be experiencing a carefully curated and meticulously matured delight of a dram!

We’re excited for all of you discerning CASCers to sample the wares of Scotland’s hottest new indie bottling prospect with us at Whisky Mash, let the drams flow!

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