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Whisky Mash Festival Exhibitor - Murray McDavid

Whisky Mash Festival Exhibitor Murray McDavid

Established in 1996 by a trio of whisky legends (including a former director of Springbank), Murray McDavid are currently headquartered at the site of the old Coleburn distillery in Speyside. Those in the know will also be very aware that it was the work of these men that reinvigorated the then-defunct Bruichladdich in the year 2000 and transformed it into a shining new force of progressive distilling.

But in their own right as a brand, Murray McDavid are a formidable force indeed, bringing six main (and very varied) product lines to the table:

  • Mission Gold - A selection of the rarest, oldest and most exceptional single malt whiskies you could hope to find in the wild today.
  • Benchmark - Their core range of single malts, showcasing the art of maturation.
  • Mystery Malt - Single malt whiskies whose provenance is no more than vaguely hinted at, to puzzle and entertain a curious whisky buff.
  • Select Grain - A range of single grain whiskies, artfully matured and finished in selected wood.
  • The Vatting - Excellent single malts expertly hand-picked to be blended together to give birth to new styles and flavour profiles for whisky enthusiasts to enjoy.
  • Crafted Blend - A marriage of both Single Malt and Single Grain whiskies brought together in perfect harmony to celebrate the art of blending and maturation.