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Whisky Mash Festival Exhibitor - Whisky Works

Whisky Mash Festival Exhibitor Whisky Works

Never one for resting on their laurels and always driven by a passion for delivering a quality product, Whyte & Mackay have this year launched a new division dedicated to delivering innovative and experimental whiskies named ‘Whisky Works’ headed by one of their chief whisky makers, Gregg Glass. Initially launching with two whiskies; King of Trees, a 10-year-old blended malt partly finished in a single Scottish Highland oak cask and bottled at 46.4%ABV, described as having notes of apple and pear, vanilla and aromatic cinnamon; followed up by the 29-year-old ‘Glaswegian’, a single grain from an unnamed silent distillery which is said to have “once stood at the heart of Scotland’s waterways.”

On the reasons behind the creation of Whisky Works, Mr. Glass, who works alongside Whyte & Mackay master blender Richard Paterson, said the inspiration for the Whisky Works range came from his many collaborations with other wine and spirit producers, coopers and sawmills:

“Whisky making is a true passion of mine. Along the way I have been fortunate to develop relationships with brilliant producers connected right along the whisky making process right back to the individual foresters that manage the woodland that produces our casks. The Whisky Works is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate what can be achieved in the production of a Scotch whisky.”