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Whisky Mash: Glen Garioch

Whisky Mash: Glen Garioch

A local powerhouse which is close to both home and heart, Oldmeldrum’s Glen Garioch have been quietly producing some of the finest whiskies in the North East of Scotland since 1797, though there are claims the distillery was legally producing whisky much earlier (which if proved true would make it the oldest distillery in the country).

Located in ‘The Garioch’ (pronounced ‘Geery’), Glen Garioch (translating as “Valley of the Granary”) is typical of a centuries-old site, with small rooms being added on and converted into use as production increased, however it does contain surprisingly modern equipment. The mash tun, squeezed inside a tiny chamber, has a lauter system; the washbacks, in another tight room nearby, are stainless steel. The stillhouse itself has a road-facing panoramic window and three stills, but only one pair of stills are used to create the distillery’s distinctive cereal and spice-laden spirit.

It’s always a pleasure to have Glen Garioch adorning our shelves at CASC, and a delight to have them pouring their phenomenal whiskies at Whisky Mash, we can’t wait to see what delectable drammage they’ll have in tow with them this year!

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