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Whisky Mash: Lady Of The Glen

Whisky Mash Spotlight - Lady of the Glen

Founded in 2012, Gregor Hannah’s immense Lady Of The Glen is one of Scotland’s finest contemporary independent bottlers; seeking out the rarest, most exquisite casks known to man for maturing some of the finest whiskies Scotland has to offer. Often miraculously laying claim to liquid from distilleries long since closed or demolished, Lady Of The Glen have become a tour de force in the world of whisky, renowned for their hand bottled, natural cask strength offerings, and now including their phenomenal St. Bridget’s Kirk series of blends, have developed a truly impressive roster of bottlings both past and present. Immediately recognisable for their stunning floral decoration and hand detailed numbering, each bottle from Lady Of The Glen is as unique and individual as the whisky it contains.

It’s always a delight to have Lady Of The Glen expressions adorning our shelves in both CASC Bar and CASC Shop, and we’re more than excited to have them pouring at Whisky Mash, so that the liquid can do the speaking for itself!

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