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Whisky Mash: Old Pulteney

Whisky Mash Exhibitor Spotlight - Old Pulteney

Holding a reputation as the definitive ‘Maritime Malt,’ Wick’s legendary Old Pulteney are synonymous with coastal whisky and its distinctive briny tang. Founded in 1826, the coastal connoisseurs have been distilling their delicious drammage for near two centuries now, with seldom few periods of inactivity, earning them the adulation of generations of whisky fans both domestically in Scotland and in innumerable countries across the world.

In the modern era, Old Pulteney’s most commonly found range of offerings is comprised of a sublime tetralogy of three age statement expressions and a thoroughly intriguing Non Age Statement release, Huddart, named for the street upon which the distillery is located, and matured in casks which previously contained peated whisky.

In addition to their iconic saline notes, you can always expect an Old Pulteney expression to bear an immensely sweet, fruity and malty character, which has propelled them into a stratosphere of their own, and we simply can’t wait for you to sample their immense wares with us at Whisky Mash!

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