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Whisky Mash: Tomatin

Whisky Mash: Tomatin

Tucked away in between Aviemore and Inverness, the sprawling distillery complex at Tomatin has been creating fantastic whisky since 1897, with a high proportion of the liquid produced by the distillery enjoying a productive maturation period in first-fill ex-Bourbon and Sherry casks thanks to their stringent wood policy.

Once the largest distillery in Scotland, at one time utilising a whopping 23 stills capable of producing up to 10 million litres of whisky per annum, Tomatin have since reduced the number of stills in use to 12 (though the other 11 stills remain in situ) in order to redirect their focus from the mass production of blended whisky to crafting some of the very finest single malts the Highlands have to offer in the modern era.

Seeing a brief period of closure in 1986 certainly didn’t put much of a dent in the march of Tomatin’s progress, having been future-proofed with plenty of state of the art technology which would draw the attention of two Japanese companies, Takara Shuzo and Okura & Co. who would go on to purchase the distillery and form the Tomatin Distillery Co. Ltd., of which Takara Shuzo proudly remains the majority shareholder to this day.

Join us on Saturday October 8th at Whisky Mash and see just why we adore Tomatin, the softer side of the Highlands!

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