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Whisky Mash: Uncle Nearest

Whisky Mash: Uncle Nearest

Hailing from one of the heartlands of American Distilling, Tennessee’s Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey are a rising force in the American whiskey industry. Founded in Lynchburg, Tennessee and named for the legendary Nathan “Uncle Nearest” Green, a former slave emancipated after the American Civil War who went on to become the first recorded African American master distiller. So rich is the history of Uncle Nearest, the man who taught Jack Daniel the art of distilling, that it made perfect sense to dedicate the brand to his memory, making it the first spirit named after an African American!

Today, the distilling operation is headed by Victoria Eady Butler, a fifth generation descendent of Nathan Green, who serves as the master blender of Uncle Nearest; meticulously curating the distillery’s spirit stock and selecting barrels to be blended into their phenomenal range of whiskeys, including but not limited to excellent expressions like their 1884 Small Batch Whiskey and Master Blend Whiskey. A fitting tribute to and continuation of the legacy of a trailblazing figure in the world of spirits!

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